Structured Water, the way nature intended..

Structured Water is natural water.
Take for example, your premium mountain spring bottled water.
It filters through layers of soil, silt and stone.
Then bubbles up through cracks and flows out, fresh, natural, and structured!

Striated LayersLayers of stone, such as this, helps to purify water and allows the molecules to form natural H2O bonds.

Super Structured Water

Super Structured Water is our solution that goes way beyond most structured water solutions. Requiring no electricity, our super structured water filters are meant as an additional attachment to Reverse Osmosis filters, or other types of similar undersink filters.

Once water exits a Reverse Osmosis filter it will be acidic. Acidic water is great for washing your car, taking a shower, and other external applications. Unfortunately, it’s not good to drink. We need alkaline water. I developed this Super Structured Water filter to re-mineralize water, and re-structure it for optimum bio-availability.

Here’s a brief diagram of how this works:

Water enters the filter -> Alkaline Tourmaline Pi Super Ball —> Drink Me!
  PH Increased Energized Structured Mineralized  

This is accomplished via NSF Certified ceramic material imported from Korea. All housing and components are BPA free.

Filters have a life-span of 1-2 years for Antibacterial filter and 2 years for the 4-in-1 Structured Water Filter.

The Super Structured Water Filter

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